Best Bookshelf Speakers Under $100 – Reviews for 2018

Not everyone has enough space and budget to make their room a personal sound studio. However, you can still manage and use your limited home effectively with the latest and affordable bookshelf speakers.

Bookshelf speakers often take up less space and can be easily placed on a bookshelf, in a cabinet, or on a desk. These products provide you with some advantages such as the good and authentic sound quality. Also, many models come at affordable prices. For example, bookshelf speakers under $100 gives you the opportunity to integrate and collect top-rated speakers and bring the world into your room.

If you are looking for the best bookshelf speakers under $100 with great performance, this is the perfect guide for you. Let’s check out our reviews of top nine bookshelf speakers under $100 and find the best one!

What to Expect from $100 Bookshelf Speakers?

The reason why users prefer bookshelf speakers to other kinds of speakers is that they are generally cheaper while offering good sound quality, nice-looking design, and suitable size for most rooms. Sometimes, they’re also integrated with wireless connectivity and maybe a remote control.


Our Reviews of Best Bookshelf Speakers Under $100

1. Edifier R1280T Powered Bookshelf Speakers

There are fewer and fewer bookshelf speakers like the Edifier R1280T these days. This model not only intends to work with home stereos and PCs but also perform dual inputs with multiple sound sources.

The Edifier R1280T should be more expensive because of their wood veneer paneling, but it was not! Turn on the device and you will be amazed at how rich and balanced its sounds are, not to mention its classy design and solid audio performance. For that reason, it deserves our top choice for the best bookshelf speakers under $100.

Aside from that, you can be easily impressed by the front panel of the R1280T. There is a different solution in each Edifier bookshelf speaker: the tweeter is offsetted to the side. The main purpose of this operation is to enhance the versatility of the speaker through forming place for firing port. If you are looking for a full-range driver including a 50'' silk dome tweeter, this Edifier R1280T is the best choice.

Another interesting thing about the R1280T is its great full sound. It can perform strong audio and pretty decent mix because the bass and treble controls are installed in default. With the clear mids and highs, the audio can come through and don’t transfigure.


  • Great performance for the price
  • Good build quality, carbon fiber woofer
  • Advanced crossover design, silk dome tweeter
  • Powerful picture projection, magnetic grill system


  • Sensitivity to speaker positioning
  • It isn't self-powered and requires an amplifier or receiver to play music.

2. Micca MB42X Bookshelf Speakers

Although the Micca MB42Xt occupies less space, it raises the great performance bar. Decorated with classic contours and updated design cues, you can place it in your bedroom, living room or anywhere you want. It can be said that the Micca MB42Xt bookshelf speaker is an improvement of their original MB42 with a diversity of usage scenarios and balanced, clear sound.

On top of that, you can see the outstanding advantages of MB42 that are maintained at MB42X. Specifically, the bass is very impactful and transient. The image is authentic because the balanced carbon fiber covered the speaker and a silk dome tweeter. However, the difference of the MB42X is the compensation network and full 18dB alignment for an optimized crossover. As a result, the performance of these speakers is significantly improved. Especially, the magnetic grill system combined with hex fasteners and 5-way speaker wire has created the sophistication for a MB42X bookshelf speaker.

Overall, the MB42X is considered as one of the best bookshelf speakers under $100. With an affordable price, it combines exceptional features: Good build quality with advanced crossover design, great performance but the low price, powerful picture projection and optimized enclosure tuning.

The Micca MB42X Bookshelf Speakers is a great choice for your first set of speakers. Their compact size makes them perfect for both small and medium-sized space. This awesome model will inspire you to look for more authentic and perfect sound. Moreover, it is really attractive for anyone who has chance to experience and feel. 


  • Great performance for the price
  • Good build quality, carbon fiber woofer
  • Advanced crossover design, silk dome tweeter
  • Powerful picture projection, magnetic grill system


  • Sensitivity to speaker positioning
  • It isn't self-powered and requires an amplifier or receiver to play music.

3. Klipsch Synergy B-10 Bookshelf Speakers

The Klipsch Synergy B-10 works perfectly as a main speaker, excellent for small to medium-sized rooms. There’s a limit to how small a real music connoisseur would accept for a balance between the physical size of the speaker and music reproduction quality. This bookshelf speaker performs beautifully as a left, center, right or rear surround speaker.

You will be appealed by it if you are a music connoisseur who appreciates good sound reproduction from a small package. The real important upgrade is that this model provides a uniform with 90 x 90 dispersion pattern, this allows for convenient placement such as living room, bedroom, or even on the wall. Besides, it also shows clarity and efficiency by working in conjunction with a phasing plug and the horn throat.

You will notice about The Klipsch Synergy B-10 because tighter bass reproduction was made by the rear-firing port. Besides, dynamics, imaging and sound become more accurate because front-baffle distortion are reduced by the woofer and flush horn fascia. On the other hand, the Klipsch Synergy B-10 Bookshelf Speakers is very versatile. As the result, it performs maximum connection flexibility through five-way binding posts.

This kind of bookshelf speaker also allows for a tighter bass reproduction and reduce front-baffle distortion for better sound imaging, dynamics and accuracy. 50W RMS and 200W is the peak power that each speaker can deliver.


  • Power and versatility in a small package
  • Ideal for small to medium-sized spaces
  • Tractrix horn for anywhere placement
  • Minimizes front-baffle distortion


  • Only received one cloth cover instead of one for each speaker
  • The bass in these isn't huge

4. Mackie CR Series CR3

In recent times, the Mackie CR Series CR3 is seen as the demand for multimedia speakers which have increased by leaps and bounds. How to meet the requirements of the audiophiles and casual music lovers? The response is Mackie CR Series CR3. It has been making waves since its inception. The speaker is one of its kinds in terms of customer service and terms as creative reference multimedia series.

With a frequency crossover of 3 kHz, ferrofluid will cool the 75-inch silk-dome tweeter along with 3-inch polypropylene-coated woofer speakers. Thus, this Mackie CR Series CR3 bookshelf speaker can transmit 50W of big sound power. The interesting thing of this speaker line is the addition of power that can be switched to both the left and right.

Because of amazing features and latest technology, Mackie CR Series CR3 should be one of the best speaker systems at this price. It provides detailed sound. However, the rear-facing ports extend the bass courtesy. So, you can see the swallow of the top-end. On the other hand, this model still effective with such a small, lightweight enclosure. Aside from that, foam isolation pads also perform listening accuracy through angled wedges.


  • Clear sound with plenty of power
  • Cool appearance in a compact design
  • Detailed sound


  • No EQ adjustment
  • No Bluetooth or USB
  • Bass needs a control knob

5. Grace Digital GDI-BTSP201 aptX Powered Bookshelf Bluetooth Speakers

The Grace Digital's GDI-BTSP201 Bluetooth Stereo Speakers are really different experience for users. If you are a customer who prefers Bluetooth speakers system, this model is designed for you. While other speakers have two channels of audio with a single box and their incapability to give user a stereo image, the Grace Digital's GDI-BTSP201 bookshelf speaker provides two stereo speakers that you can separate to get good stereo. The new thing that you can consider about this product is that the Grace GDI-BTSP201 speaker has ported enclosure and the equivalent tweeter-over-woofer that can be found in the best mini bookshelf speakers.

The highlight of this system is one of the bookshelf speakers has a top-mounted control panel that allows users adjust the volume, select between the analog input and Bluetooth. Furthermore, you also can do pause/play/track to use the Bluetooth source device easily and effectively. The speaker has a very sturdy build despite the fact that most parts are made of plastic. You will be very impressed with the leatherette casing with stitching lining on the outside. It brings a premium look and feels to the speakers.

We can see that speaker terminals and a 1.5-inch bass reflex port were designed on the back of both speakers. On the other hand, the right speaker is always the primary unit, so you can see some connections here such as a USB port, the RCA input, a power switch and a power port. The Grace Digital speakers are not really powerful as compared to most other bookshelf speakers, however, it’s good enough for small apartments. You can use them in my living room; they are absolutely loud enough for listening to music or watching movies.

The sound is very well-balanced, and I just see that the mids are slightly recessed. However, if you use the speakers on two sides of your speaker, you can hear detailed mids and when you are near to the drivers. Aside from that, the bass is not as punchy and deep as on larger systems. However, this bookshelf speaker is still worth listening than the bass of any portable Bluetooth bookshelf speakers.


  • Clean, accurate sound signature
  • Great bass response for the size
  • Powerful, distortion-less max volume
  • Good wireless audio quality
  • Tidy setup with Bluetooth connectivity and internal amplifier


  • Midrange lacks warmth
  • Bass is occasionally boom-y
  • Must select speakers in device settings each time they’re powered on

6. Polk Audio T15 Bookshelf Speakers

The Polk Audio T15 speakers have been built to provide theater sound quality, and as far as we know Polk Audio, they tend to deliver. These speakers are promised great highs, midrange, and bass; the perfect combination of the trio. But, we will find out soon if these speakers can keep up with the reputation.

Expensive bookshelf speaker products often have a beautiful design, durability and other outstanding features. For this type of speaker under $100, we cannot claim that quality, that style. Users have to accept some restrictions on this cheap speaker. Specifically, Polk Audio T15 Bookshelf Speakers shows the black MDF - which is popular for all speakers. If the aesthetics is extremely important for you when looking for a speaker, then more expensive speakers will be able to meet your needs. Otherwise, this Polk Audio is good enough for the basic entertainment needs.

Around 2.5kHz point, there is a very clear dip right. We can give conclusion for this problem that this is due to the conflict between the two transducers and the lack of a crossover. In fact, you are not an expert, so you cannot repair the transition problem for this type of model. However, if you take the time to correct the EQ speakers, there are still a lot of thing for improvements.

In general, this speaker's design is quite large with a total capacity of power up to 100 Watts. What does this mean? It means that each speaker will get 50 Watts of power. As the result, magnetic shielding is divided equally for each speaker. The applications are also formed here. With its awesome design, the Polk Audio T15 Bookshelf Speakers can be easily installed anywhere, on bookshelves, in the living room or bedroom. This product is sold at a fairly low price, however, it will bring great performance for you and your family.


  • Excellent build quality
  • Lots of volume power
  • Dynamic balance drivers
  • Magnetically shielded enclosures
  • Keyhole slot for wall mounting
  • Front mounted bass port for deep, punchy bass


  • Indoor use only
  • Obvious conflict between the driver and the tweeter

7. Micca Club 3 Bookshelf Speakers

The Micca Club 3 becomes one of the best bookshelf speaker under $100 by classical looks, handsome style and amazing sound quality. This kind of model can be easily placed in any space, bring the world to your home with the quality music, piano black color and natural texture.

The Micca Club 3 Bookshelf Speakers is one of the newest models has great performance in the tweeter. Although it is small, it has good sounding than you can image. This tweeter also impressive because it is still clean and clear even if pushed very hard. It can be said that the mids are quite good and the design is simple, pleasant and clear with most material.

These bookshelf speaker do not have the crossover inside because they are using natural roll off. They do it well and that's the reason why they got that price. Although the Micca Club 3 Bookshelf Speakers do not have the 3 dimensional depth that can be found in most of expensive speakers, they handle the imaging very well. 


  • Bold and energetic sound with excellent bass output
  • Compact size is easy to place and use anywhere
  • Sleek design with piano-gloss painted front panel


  • No Wi-Fi enabled and not remote control

8. Dayton Audio B652 6-1/2-Inch 2-Way Bookshelf Speaker Pair

For the Dayton Audio B652 Bookshelf Speaker, its outstanding features will really surprise you when you add a few AMT. The interesting thing of this product is the AMT tweeter. They are performed by pleated ribbon diaphragm in order to improve the sound quality of the previous Dayton Audio B652 and give a feeling of clarity, more authentic sound.

The Dayton Audio B652 are small bookshelf speakers, measuring about a foot tall and weighing nearly 9 pounds. It can easily fit in a cabinet, in an actual bookcase, in your living room or any room. Especially, the Dayton Audio B652 Bookshelf Speaker doesn't have a rear bass port, so it can be placed on the wall.

Some people said that the Dayton Audio B652 speakers could benefit by adding a subwoofer. However, most of them were satisfied with the bass levels. The Dayton Audio B652 works best for casual listening in small spaces such as home offices, basements and bedrooms because its sound was clear and balanced. 


  • Compact size, great performance​​​
  • Clarity and detail that are exceptional
  • Surprisingly, punchy and full bass output
  • Removable grill cloth


  • The spring-clip connectors don't securely grip the speaker wire, so an inadvertent tug might yank it out.


Looking for good bookshelf speakers under $100 is not a difficult problem. These models will give the great performance for a series of applications. If you are seeking some speakers to use and connect to your desktop or a decent stereo pack to meet your need of entertainment, our products below might make you excited.

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