Best Bookshelf Speakers Under 200 $ :Smart Choices In The Intermediate Price Range


These days, the continuous increase in entertaining demands has boosted a groundswell of a great interest in the sound world. More and more people get involved in the hunt for audio equipment of good quality. However, due to limited living spaces, many audiences may find it hard to arrange enough room for large-size tower speakers.

Bookshelf speakers are what they need to surmount this problem. This kind of speakers often comes with two drivers of small scales which easily fit small settings. However, outside of the convenience, what people concern about the speakers is the reasonable pricing. For that reason, we offer the list of best bookshelf speakers under 200 dollars and a buying guide.

What Is a Bookshelf Speaker?

Before getting right down to the reason for purchasing bookshelf speakers, we will give you a brief introduction to bookshelf speakers. They often come in a compact form of audio drivers which can be a tweeter and a woofer. Typically, they are two-way speakers but can be three-way ones every now and then.

With an often neat design, bookshelf speakers are supposed to be used for overhauling home theater systems in limited space, such as small living rooms, offices, etc. They are designed to be lightweight enough to be placed in raised areas such as a stand, a bookshelf or even mounted on the wall to save more space. Furthermore, bookshelf speakers are very flexible with placement and easy to move around the house.

Why Should You Buy a Bookshelf Speaker?

Contrary to the common belief that this compact form of speakers cannot do an as good job as the conventional kind of tower speakers, bookshelf speakers are particularly suitable to enclosed, quite small spaces and tricky placement in terms of both the flexibility and good sound performance.

In addition to the two stated advantages, the pricing in this range of speakers is really impressed in terms of reasonability. Thanks to being more compact in size, bookshelf speakers normally cost buyers less than big-sized tower speakers which call for a lot of details, and thus relatively pricey. Therefore, to avoid lashing out a tremendous amount of money on your audio system, they are smart solutions.

What to Consider When Buying a Bookshelf Speaker?

Once having circled the segment of bookshelf audio products to choose speakers from, we will have to consider different specifications in the speakers to find out which ones are the best. Although there are many aspects on which the speakers can be analyzed and compared to each other, we don’t need to consider every detail in the products to finalize our decisions. Instead, we should figure out what are the essential parts of a bookshelf speaker to deal with.

In my case, I pay attention to the size, design, connectivity, sound quality and how compatible they are when considered as a whole.


In terms of the size, bookshelf speakers are usually known for the neat and small design which is meant for the flexibility with placement. However, not any bookshelf speakers will be suitable to every situation. You have to gauge if your space has favorable sites for the speakers and if the speakers with respective dimensions will fit your place or not.

Moreover, the size of the bookshelf can really matter in limited rooms. In this case, small-sized ones can perform better than the bigger counterparts. However, I recommend having bookshelf speakers whose woofer and tweeter are at least 4 inches and 0.75 inches long respectively. Larger bass drivers can offer a wider sound frequency.


Design is the very first thing that strikes you when seeing a product in general. Bookshelf speakers aren’t exceptions in this case. When choosing bookshelf speakers for the home theater system, we will consider the design thoroughly in terms of the personal style and the way they will match the furniture in my place to reinforce my final decision.

Connectivity Options

Conventional bookshelf speakers often offer simple analogue outputs to connect to your TV or PC. However, since the rising popularity of wireless equipment in our lives, you should look for audio products which have a range of connectivity options including digital connection, Bluetooth connectivity or so to escalate the versatility of your bookshelf speaker.

Sound Performance

The sound performance seems to be the most important factor mattering to the selection of any kind of speakers. The basic requirements for a decent bookshelf set of speakers include the clarity, loudness and decent amount of both bass and treble. But note that the overall sound quality of a bookshelf speaker depends on particular options and how the audiences place them, so we don’t think the problem of sound quality matters much in this kind.

The Right Mix of the Said Factors

When considered as a whole, it is quite hard to meet all the requirements perfectly at the same time, especially within the limit of the 200-dollar range. In my opinion, what you need is to strike a balance among the filters to optimize the deal instead of being too fussy in every detail and frustrating yourself while looking for a suitable bookshelf speaker for your home listening environment.

Our Reviews of Best Bookshelf Speakers Under 200

Based on the filters above, we have made up the list of great bookshelf speakers under 200, along with the lucid and useful reviews on each of them.

1. Cerwin Vega SL5M 2-Way Bookshelf

Cerwin Vega SL5M is a two-way pair of speakerswhich are marked by the color compound of black and red. The removable grille alsomakes it more stylish. Although the design isn’t aesthetically exceptional, it is still decent enough to look at.

The set of speakers is versatile for a lot of audio applications encompassing just being the stereo pair only, being used as rear speakers for the surround sound system, or playing as your home theater’s main speakers.

However, the product seems to lack adequate shielding as the advertising, and thus can’t be placed close to the CRT product if you don’t want image distortion on the screen. When first taken out of the box, the speakers may produce a bit confused sound with somewhat too sharp highs and too punchy bass. But after a couple of CDs, they will pull themselves together and produce great sound ends.

Compared to tiny set of speakers, Cerwin Vega SL5M can crank out much bigger. Moreover, the sound is lively and dynamic with almost no distortion.

2. Bose 161 Speaker

Bose 161 impresses anyone with a quirky comma-shaped design which is not only unique but also very modern. However, this strange shape can bring about some cons in use. For example, it is quite hard to hang the speakers on walls or ceilings although they are mainly meant to be used for the sound surround system.

In addition to the main function as a rear speaker for sound surrounds, Bose 161 can play as desktop audio equipment or so, especially as itfeatures a couple of safetyshield in order not to distort the image on visual equipment.

No matter where to be placed – on a desk or a bookshelf or hung on walls, Bose 161 is supposed to produce spacious sound with minor amplifier power. This is thanks to the Stereo Everywhere technology that enables it to deliver spacious, balanced sound over the listening area.

3. Edifier R1280T Powered Bookshelf Speakers 

Edifier R1280T demonstrates an obvious superiority over other bookshelf speakers in terms of an excellent design. The enclosure is made from wood bringing an elegant look. Coming with the set of two audio speakers is an optional remote which doesn’t have many buttons but is convenient and useful enough tocontrol the speakers.

These bookshelf speakers deal well with weak currents of power and make almost no difference in the sound performance within the power range from 50% to 100%. The sound performance is terrific with the natural and warm tweeter. It is also very clear too, although the speakers are not good at loud sounds.

The power switch is designed to locate on the back of the speakers, so it would be hard to turn on or off them if placed to turn the back close to walls or in tight corners. Besides, the connecting can be a little bit confused at the first time of setting up the speakers as the wiring is quite complicated.

4. Edifier R1700BT Bluetooth Bookshelf Speakers

Edifier branch seems to have many good things in the sub-200 range. Besides the R1280T above, we have its brother R1700BT. Just the same way of building as the previous product – a wood enclosure and an optional remote, this one seems to be more beautiful and modern with slightly inclining cabinet toward the back.

Moreover, the tiny remote is a really great bonus at a reasonable pricing. It is simple with some buttons which may be hard to see in the dark but easy to learn by heart the position of them and thus extremely easy to use.

The fact that the speakers can either be hooked up to other equipment via cables or work on Bluetooth channel is a very exceptional feature.Imagine that while the pair is still plugged into the TV output, you can switch to Bluetooth and play the speakers from your smartphones in another room of your house with the remote.

In terms of the sound ends, Edifier R1700BTdoes a great job as it reduces distortion, even at high volumes. It also produces amazing basses. The music is very pure but not very loud.

5. BIC America DV62si Bookshelf Speakers

BIC America DV62si has the design which doesn’t have much to look at. It seems quite conventional amongst other bookshelf speakers, but theconstruction quality is really good. In terms of hardware, it is able to move some serious air due to being equipped with a poly graphite woofer of 6.5″.

The recommended highest power level (per channel) is approximately 150 Watts. That said, a bit lower wattage may be better than that. Because DV62si is a pair of passive speakers, it calls for an amplifier accompanying them while working.

When it comes to the frequency range, the mids are littered with a plenty of saturation, especially at the lows. For a 6.5″ cone, the bass is decent enough. In general, BIC America DV62si offers a fine sound performance which is spacious and well balanced. Also, it’s clear and bright enough and even beyond the expectations when considering the price.

6. Micca PB42X Powered Bookshelf Speakers

Micca MB42 is a set of bookshelf speakers. It includes two drivers of carbon woofer and silk dome tweeter. This set comes in a plastic enclosure which is quite firm and safe for shipping. The size is not too big but decent to be placed flexibly in many sites.

However, there are no mounting holes in the speakers, so it isn’t convenient when you consider mounting speakers on the wall while Micca MB42 will demonstrate an obvious improvement when used in a surround system. There are also few kinds of connecting output.

That said, the sound performance is really amazing. It is accurate, rich, loud and crisp. It is both great for vocals and movies. When playing movies, dialogues are clearer without any annoying tiny sound in the background.

The set also rocks the music very well. The sound is particularly punchy and distinct. That said, the tweeter’s dispersion is quite narrow, so it may be a little bit hard to hear high sound frequencies from a distance. The volume is loud and rich when played in medium-sized rooms, but when it comes to too large spaces, the project sound can become sheerer. 

7. Pioneer SP-BS22-LR Andrew Jones Designed Bookshelf Speakers

This pair of black audio drivers doesn’t have much to look at with very simple enclosures which don’t look very outstanding.But never judge a book by its cover! The sound quality of Pioneer SP-BS22-LR is really beyond the speakers’ look. It can produce crystal sound with smooth high sound frequencies even at high volumes. The bass is also surprising although it is not too loud and thus may need a sub to add more vibrations.

The sound performance of the speakers depends a lot on the altitude where they are placed in your house. Therefore, you should give them several try to figure out how high the set of speakers should be placed for the best sound effect.

The speakers are eligible enough for a medium-sized room where their sound will be fulfilling and particularly suitable to be used for playing some pieces of the classical music.

8. Fluance SX6W High Definition Bookshelf Loudspeakers

The wood-grained pair of speakers is so elegant and beautiful with or without the magnetic shield. The design is great for decoration in your house, office, etc. Among conventionally small-sized bookshelf speakers, the pair is relatively large, which can bring certain pros in use. For example,additional distance between the speaker drivers will enable true stereo separation. However, as they’re larger than most bookshelf speakers, you need more space for them.

The bookshelf speakers are designed for full range in any application. They are mainly supposed to be used as front main speakers or rear speakers for the sound surround system. The sound performance is so great. From most accounts, it has everything in its favor: crisp high frequencies, clear midrange and punchy bass.However, the experience can vary among different users.

9. Polk Audio TSi100 Bookshelf Speakers

The two-way Si100 ensure an elegant and firm look and with the cabinet made from wood-grained materials in the front, back and sides and a polished plastic top. The terrific design in the black and metallic shape makes it fit any formal place in your house such as the living room, desktop, etc.

Besides, the keyhole mounting bracket is a very favorable feature that makes it flexible with placement. However, because the speakers aren’t magnetically-shielded, it can't be placed by the side of a CRT television in a very close distance. 

The set of speakers offers a nominal load of 8 ohms and an efficiency of 89db and is compatible with decent amplifiers and receivers. It is particularly good at the mid-range in which the sound is processed into full, warm and clear ends, even at high volumes.

The tweeters are able to produce smooth high sound frequencies without getting harsh at any volume while the bass is real and well organized. That said, the sound isn’t so punchy because there isn’t much bass, which makes the amount of low sound end is just decent. For that reason, Polk Audio TSi100 is meant to be used in rooms with thin walls where the loud sound can lead to knocks on door to complain about the noise.

If you want a touch richer and fuller sound, then placed the speakers closer to the rear wall.

10. Edifier USA e25 Luna Eclipse 

The last name in the list seems quite different from othersin terms of the design and price. The speaker comes in the ellipse shape with the range of three colors – red, white and black. Obviously, the speaker’s look is so eye-catchy and outstanding among bookshelf speakers of conventional designs. However, respective to the beautiful unique look, the price is not very ideal when compared to other products in the list –only less than the 200-dollar price a little bit.

The speaker is a wireless speaker accompanied by a thumb-shaped optional remote which only has turn on/off and volume down/up buttons and as unique as the speaker. As a whole, the set appears to be a product from sci-fi world rather than normal bookshelf speakers. Thanks to the small size and the quirky shape, it is very popular in the use of PC or laptop speakers. You can hook itup =with smartphones, laptops, etc. easily by turning on the Bluetooth setting.

In such a tight space inside the speaker, both a tweeter and a subwooferare compacted into a small speaker. Therefore, the speaker can project great and loud sound instead of just being a useless ornament.


Bookshelf speakers are increasingly in favor with not only common audiences but also audiophiles due to the really decent sound performance accompanying the outstanding pros of the reasonable pricing. It would be great if you can benefit from a speaker in terms of both the sensible pricing and great performance. For that reason, the list of best bookshelf speakers under 200 is really a treasure map for people desire for bookshelf speakers fulfilling both requirements.

And when it’s time to choose the best of the bunch, we find it hard to do this business because there’s no accounting for taste at all. However, for us, Edifier R1700BT Bluetooth Bookshelf Speakers may be the most sensible option thanks to many great features in its favor at a reasonable price.

If you have any question, feel free to leave your comment in the box below. Thank you for reading!

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