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Vizio D Series vs E Series, Which is Better?

Vizio E series provides such a decent image quality for the lowest cost as long as you stick to the 60-inch and bigger models. Meanwhile, when you sit quite close to an E-series model, its Ultra HD resolution gives you a highly sharp and more detailed image, but you might gain fewer benefits of this […]

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What Is HDR PRO? Should We Buy An HDR TV?

  • a couple of months ago
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You’ve finally found your awesome TV, then saw the label “HDR Pro” on it, but could not find any specific information on what it means. So,what is HDR Pro? HDR Pro is a mixture of the HDR Pro software and another single drive bay called FireWire – it’s said to be designed for a cool […]

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What Is Frequency Response? And Why Is It Important?

Have you ever heard about “frequency response?” Well, you can probably find this term (or something related to frequency) in almost all of the audio devices in your house. It is not difficult to understand, but you might understand it in different ways.First of all, our ears can listen to the frequencies ranging from as […]

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What Is Full Range Speaker?

When it comes to buying a pair of speakers, two terms that most buyers will come across are mid-range and full-range. These terms are conventionally used to describe the capability of producing the audio frequency range. And as their names reveal, a full range speaker obviously produces the wider range of audio frequency than a […]

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What Are Satellite Speakers? Detailed Guide For Sound Lovers!

Experiencing the decent-quality sound is like a dream for every home theater enthusiast since sound serves an essential role in achieving a great entertainment experience. If it can’t be set properly for acquiring this objective, then you can’t get a good quality home theater sound. However, saying this does not mean that you need to […]

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What Does Clipping Sound Like?

In an actual situation, if you try to push your speakers beyond their abilities, occasionally mentioned as overload, your audio released from them would be clipped. That occurs since there is a limit to the power used to supply the speaker’s amplifier. So, what does clipping sound like? If you see it happening, instead of […]

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Enjoy Your Sound System without bothering others -Soundproof Your Room Today

Soundproofing is a great way to reduce noise and echoes in your home. From the living room to den, there are several ways to effectively control and mitigate unwanted noise. For new or existing homeowners, an anechoic chamber utilizes acoustic damping tiles to absorb sound. It also prevents leakage of noise to and from other […]

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What Is Bi Amping? What Makes It Different From Bi Wiring?

There’s a question we’d like to answer: is it worth bi-amping your speakers? This article will give you a closer look at how bi-amping improves the sound quality with different aspects, as well as how to customize your home audio installation and recreate that kind of powerful and “live” listening experience. For those who don’t […]

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What Is Crossover Frequency ? The Guide To A Better Bass

Introduction Imagine you have a pair of subwoofers in your home theater or car, you might know how hard it is to set the bass levels the right way. This means how to set the crossover frequency at which the subwoofer begins playing these bass notes. Before getting to helpful tips on how to earn […]

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What Is THD? And Why You Need To Know It?

Texture Wave Oscilloscope 3d Illustration

Seeing through the manual of any manufacturers or the audio’s packaging, you’re more likely to read a specification called THD. You can also find this information listed on many speakers, headphones, media players, amplifiers, and more.Briefly, THD is the abbreviation of Total Harmonic Distortion which is an important terminology that relates to almost all of […]

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