What Happened To Cambridge SoundWorks?

There are always great speakers for anyone who wants to buy on a budget, and Cambridge SoundWorks is one of those without a doubt. Set them up at home will be a lot better than you expected, especially when you choose to pick up their high-performance floor-standing speakers!

But it seems that Cambridge SoundWorks is going out of business as they’re no longer listed on the web page for sale. So, what happened to Cambridge SoundWorks? If you’re a fan of this brand, this would be what you want to know.

Is Cambridge SoundWorks Going Out of Business?

If you used to be a fan of CSW speakers, you probably wonder what was going on with them for the last few years. When being about to set up a home theater, you might be surprised when finding out they closed down the stores.

You might see no CSW tower speakers available for sale. Even other speakers in the same series are not listed. Also, the manufacturer did not discuss any upcoming speakers or audio productgoing to release at all. What if their components are out of stock?

Cambridge SoundWorks Newton MC400 model

However, the speakers were not all gone as long as you could drive to the Newton shop where has a CSW speaker for rent in the window.

In fact, some people are just lucky enough when their home theater plan occurs at the same time with the product’s end of year clearance sale. In other words, they get to snag a great set of Cambridge SoundWorks P1005, MC305, M85S, and S305 subwoofers for up to 800 dollars!

In fact, CSW tries to scale back the whole line and concentrate more on their best sellers. Also, the manufacturer even gave their consumers some hope that they will release brand new items not so far. And it’s true when you visit the Amazon.com where you can see Cambridge SoundWorks speakers on sale, from floor-standing models to subwoofer models.

When compared to each other, these speakers are quite similar in the way how they deliver the sound. For example, the composite subwoofers with one port built in the back to produce the decent bass in a small room. The highs feel awesome, bright and open at the same time without seeming too metallic.

These speakers sound cool overall with the beats that can go all day with more than eight hours of your playtime on one simple charge. Besides, you can charge it with the USB Power Bank while still playing your music.

Cambridge SoundWorks History

Cambridge SoundWorks logo

Let’s stop talking about what happened to Cambridge SoundWorks, but look back its long profile in the past. They trust in every product sold in the market since they never sell something that is not recommended to even themselves and the other users.

Here are the important dates making the great history of CSW:

What Did Customers Say About Cambridge SoundWorks?

Everyone loves to own a nice speaker that can blast out loud but remains amazingly crystal clear at the highest volumes. This sounds a bit impossible to find the right one, but coming with Cambridge SoundWorks, things get easier.

The music can fill up your whole room like nothing you’ve ever experienced. And what to do at the moment is closing your eyes, drinking a beer, and letting the music overwhelm your body.

Unlike the past when the manufacturer mostly produced the floor-standing speakers and subwoofers, CSW speakers nowadays are mainly the Bluetooth speakers and headphones. They are specially engineered for great value, excellent quality of soundand the coolest performance.

Out of the modern models of CSW on the market today, Oontz Angle 3 is the best selling product thanks to its wonderful sound quality and impressive battery life. How come? Well, you can go over one week without having to charge it at all!

Besides, all of these models appear highly sturdy and well-built at first sight. However, some users complain about the small and hard-to-use On/Off buttons, which makes it challenging to use the finger. The speaker is also recommended to be placed up if you want to increase the volume. Doing so can help the bass to bounce and wiggle all over the space.

Better than this, the decent sound permits you to fuel any party and blows your audience away at once. As the consumers, each of us is just amazed at how crystal clear all highs are when being produced from the highly precise acoustic drivers. It unexpectedly makes the vocals sound the most vivid and lifelike.

Final Words

I love the sound of Cambridge SoundWorks speakers since they find no difficulty in blasting music with the amazingly loud and powerful sound. With such an impressive array of loudspeakers, you no longer worry whether it can match perfectly the soundstage or not.

But what happened to Cambridge SoundWorks? You might hate this, but they closed the stores. But you can find some great Bluetooth speakers and headphones of SoundWorks online at the budget-friendly prices. Greater than that, most of them are fantastic in performance, classy and appealing in look as well as impressive in the battery life.

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DIANA says a few months ago

I don’t need speakers. I need a remote for a receiver I purchased from Cambridge Soundworks. If they’ve closed their stores, where can I find a remote for my receiver? Is there a universal remote that may work with their receivers? The remote I now use is giving me so many problems. It won’t even turn on the receiver. My receiver is awesome and I had it for many years. Cambridge Soundworks products are great. I’m so disappointed! When did they close their stores?

Mason Myers says a couple of months ago

Where can I get my Cambridge Soundworks Model 88 radio repaired?

Mason Myers says a couple of months ago

How do I get my CSW model 88 radio repaired?

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