RPX VS IMAX: Which One Shall We Choose?


You probably see a plenty of movies on various screens, and IMAX and RPX are two of these popular screens. They contain a lot to offer, and they’re obviously better than other regular showings, but RPX vs IMAX which way will you choose for the most awesome movie experience? Let’s browse through our post to find out the answer to this question right below!

What is RPX?

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Regal Cinemas launched their new big-screen theater experience called RPX (Regal Premium Experience) in which the whole concept is described as a custom-built environment.

This features the most delicate and luxurious seats with the headrests and an impressive screen equipped with decent digital projectors and amazingly state-of-the-art sound system. It tends to offer the movie watchers a 60-foot wide image supported by dual digital projectors, not to mention its capacity of displaying both 2D and 3D films.

Besides, the PRX sounds a bit like the UltraScreen of Marcus Theaters if you pay close attention to it. We also have the XD screens, which seem similar to the ETX (Enhanced Theater Experience). There will be some movies marked with the RPX icon, which has some highlights that you might love to know:

  • Crystal clear projection screen
  • High-impact, inspirational entertainment giant screen
  • Strong surround sound
  • Incredibly immersive 3D movie experience

What is IMAX?

Well, it’s hard to choose between RPX vs IMAX, right? Let’s go deeper into the IMAX first before coming to your conclusion.

IMAX is an acronym of Image Maximum, designed for theaters that are considered as multiplex design. The audience will be seated much closer to the screen, and all of the rows are just at the height of the screen. Besides, the rows of seats are placed at a steep angle, which allows the viewers to face the screen straightforward.

Most Hollywood movies use the IMAX cameras, on the 70mm film. They’re mainly projected on an IMAX screen that is 97 feet wide and 76 feet high. What makes IMAX special here is its amazing clarity and quality of images, that is even better than 4K.

So, basically the regular theaters we usually go to watch movies include the rows of seats placed on the sloped floor. They only own small screens as compared to the IMAX as well as do not consist of the immersive quality of the video.

What is the Difference Between RPX vs IMAX?

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As I said before, IMAX lets the audience sit much closer to the screen, while RPX is illuminated with a decent sound system and a giant screen. And both of them offer unique movie experiences that you find nowhere else. But what is the major differences between them, here is the answer:

You can spot the big difference coming between these two through the aspect ratio. Most conventional movies would be 2.35:1, which is supposed to be wider than those of your home movies (16x9). Meanwhile, IMAX ratio is around 1.90:1, which equals to 17x9.So compared to IMAX, RPX owns the screen that is much bigger than that of dual digital IMAX.

Nevertheless, the IMAX usually owns the taller shots while the RPX tends to have them cropped. Besides, the digital IMAX dual projectors avail the linear polarization while the others usually use the circular one for 3D. Though it offers a three-dimensional image, it appears less smooth.

Now you can see! IMAX is unlike RPX in one way: It mostly shoots the movies in a much bigger frame, and once you watched Tron: Legacy in IMAX, you will understand for sure!

RPX vs IMAX: Both of Them Are Best in Movie Experience

RPX Movie Experience

Photo credit: Imagic Digital 

Once the “Avatar” movie hit all theaters, it almost changed the face of the whole film industry. At this moment, we can see that a great chain of theaters competed to install 3D projectors into their auditoriums.

This advanced technology enabled them to add some extra dollars to the regular price of a movie ticket. After that, Hollywood also produced budget-friendly 3D movies, causing the theater chains to think of another movie gimmick.

Sure enough, the audio of RPX is something you can’t look away, especially when it’s much louder than a standard theater auditorium. The sound effects are just top-notch, contributing remarkably to the success of a movie. We suggest you watch a horror film in an RPX theater, where your immersion into it is almost 100% real.

Take the “Dracula Untold” film as an example for this. The whole battle scenes were amazingly increased so much, thanks to the incredible audio of the swords clanging to each other as well as the terrifying atmosphere in the movie climax scenes. Besides, the seats in an RPX theater are just more cushioning than other competitors this only makes your moviegoing experience more relaxing!

IMAX Movie Experience

Photo credit: Azri Via: https://flic.kr/p/4uv59q

There are so many advantages when you decide to watch in an IMAX cinema since the experience is assessed to be much better than your regular ones. First, the screen is just huge, making you feel more amazed and immersed into the movie you’re seeing. Even when the screen feels bigger, you won’t experience any eye hurt or irritation.

However, such an IMAX movie experience is quite good yet not cheap. It’s said to be more expensive than your regular cinemas nowadays due to a breathtaking moment we’re about to have there.


On the one hand, IMAX theaters have movies filmed with IMAX cameras to ensure all nice stuff while the RPX is just cheaper with their smaller auditoriums. However, they still do an excellent job in elevating both sound and image quality. One thing for sure: Both of them are better than other regular showings. If you don’t believe, just go to experience yourself!

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This is terribly written. The thought process was not clear differentiating the two formats and the conclusions are muddled. I’m more confused than when I first started reading.

Julian says 9 months ago

Thank you for this comparison. I do wonder how IMAX compares to RPX when the film was not shot/printed in IMAX. Right now I have the option of seeing Alita: Battle Angel in iMAX 3D or RPX REALD3D and I’m not sure which would be best.

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