Soundbar vs home theater – Which is the winner in a dramatic race?

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Compared with speakers, soundbars somehow take higher steps for trendy minimal design and compact structure. Does the status stay the same in soundbar vs home theater tech battle?

Along with the soundbar, the home theater shows a space-age innovation for the audio technology. Both of them keep bringing sound enthusiasts unique experiences through what they listen and how the tone is felt. For some reasons, maybe the saturating on the market of such devices, people put them into a comparison. At the first onset, there are tons of elements to think of two – soundbar vs home theater. So, what are they?

At first, how did the home theater come?

Watching movies in cinemas surely gives you lively experiences. Not only a soft sofa, cool air-conditioners, popcorn but also large screen, amazing sound system seemingly are the best for relaxation. Are they only in the cinemas? Exactly not. It is an old story now. Actually, there is no doubt that the home theater can show these things all right in your houses.
Generally speaking, the home theater is an electronic system which task is to create a theater-like home space. Many people believe that a lot of money should be in use for a home theater. However, the reality is not like that. In fact, a typical system entails devices including AV receiver, speakers, display, remote control and nice furniture if you love.
For a broad range of experienced users, it is a combination of functions which they talk about the home theater. No need of going out, you infinitely can watch updated movies, follow and play games or even enjoy touching melody from love songs in your cozy home space.

And how is about the soundbar?

Performing a little bit opposite way in comparison with the home theater, the soundbar is just one single audio device. For a compact design, such device is suitable for every corner in the room. Technically, since its height is not as great as its width, you can place it below the display, on the wall or many others.
For as soundbar vs home theater, there are differences. The sound bar includes several speakers insides while many speakers sprung among the space contribute to a perfect home theater. Moreover, the sound bar just needs one cable to connect to TV. But it is not avoidable for a hassle of cables around the room for a system of the home theater.

Why does the home theater take advantage over the soundbar in offering audio experience?

Regardless of the quality of sound, the flexible and minimal design makes the soundbar an outstanding upgrade of new audio generation. For sound aspect, it is worthy of saying that such tech is much better than speakers of TV owing to multi-direction audio output insides. In spite of that fact, how does it come for the case of the home theater in term of sound quality?

Pinpoint soundstage

The soundstage is in relation with the function of digital encoding or recording. Honestly, sound devices like headphone do not a good contribution to this point. There are two main elements affecting the soundstage. The first one is the distance between drivers and your eyes. And the other is about the treble volume.
Back to the home theater and the sound bar, the former is evaluated as the better one. At the time when the screen is on vision will be shown gradually. Then it is time to pinpoint the soundstage. The speakers from all direction focus on delivering audio output around the space more effectively than the media bar so far.

Clear dialogue

How annoying it is when you miss some dialogue while watching a film in the home theater. To be honest, your comment whether a sound system is good or bad bases almost on how the quality of human voice or music produced by them. The better a center channel speaker is, the clearer vocals or dialogue you can hear.
For this, the importance of center speaker makes up around 70% among the system. Since the soundbar combines front, center, right and left speakers insides, it is impossible to springing just the front stage sonic input well. By contrast, The home theater has several speakers for every specific task. So, there is no challenge for such function.

Frequency responses

With challenging dialogue, the sonic content reproducing sometimes gets troubles. Many listeners choose to crank the volume up. But it is not a practical solution because your ears may be driven insane. For problem removal, manufacturers design the home theater with tweeters, subwoofers, and drivers with the purpose of maintaining the soundstage pinpointing mentioned above. Thanks to the home theaters like 7.2 along with loudspeakers, the sound accuracy will be up even more.


As you know, any subwoofers can produce the bass. Is it true? Audio device searchers sometimes refer to the one so-called powered subwoofer with the sound bar. But in fact, it partly does not fit with the cabinet of such kind. For compensation, a subwoofer is repaired with the soundbar. Unfortunately, it is not the real one.
It is true that a perfect subwoofer should deliver accurately both pinpoint and sound speed regardless unstable levels of drivers. These are standards for any real SVS subwoofers which the one in the sound bar merely matches.


While the sound bar provides you with the only sonic realm, the home theater has a full of capacity to take the visual experience to your space. Here seems to be the clearest advantages of the home theater in comparison with the sound bar. Nice music, HD video along with perfect Blu-ray film are likely the fullest for your relaxing so far.
For a lot of sonic enthusiasts, the soundbar is not a crazy idea for both sound quality and interior aspects. However, the home theater may have the upper hand. For the battle of soundbar vs home theater, they are so many factors towards the latter. How is about your opinion? Will you invest for a minimal soundbar or a perfect home theater?

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