Soundbar vs Surround Sound? Which One Is Better?

Everyone loves to own the top-notch sound quality from their television, and you’re not the exception here. But are you still confused between a soundbar vs surround sound for your home entertainment?

We will help you decide which one is more suitable for you, but before that, let’s go through our ultimate overview today. Also, open your ears to the true difference between these twos, especially in terms of their setup and sound quality.

Are TV Sound Systems Really That Necessary?

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You can ask yourself – whether you need a soundbar or not. But there’s an undeniable truth that your slim TV would look so cool as compared to the CRT TV of the past. What to do here is to simply connect your compact soundbar that greatly boosts your whole television listening experience for sure.

As it comes to a surround sound system, it can do more than that. It offers the listeners such an immersive emotion that is sort of like sitting at the cinema.

So, which one will you opt for, between soundbar vs surround sound? Choose anything depending on your budget, the size of your room and certain requirements.

Soundbar – Perfect for Daily TV

As we’ve said, a soundbar is ideal for your daily TV without a doubt, especially when it can integrate a set of speakers into a long and rectangular container. With only fewer wires, the system can sit in front of your television, and it can be planted firmly below your wall-mounted system.

A soundbar is great for your daily TV entertainment

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However, soundbars usually offer us just a little experience, and a few of them could bear a highly negative impact on the entire quality. Several soundbars also arrive with a separate subwoofer – a rectangular box containing big-diameters speakers.

These soundbars can make the low-frequency sounds much better than other tinier speakers right in the unit. And your subwoofer can be connected wireless though they must be plugged to achieve power. Just think of it, your TV’s built-in speakers tend to sound bad, especially when the trend today for slimmer and prettier designs has led to less space for the right and decent sound systems.

Luckily, you’ve got a great solution – and that is a soundbar. It will lend your television a few sonic support. It makes the neatest possible way to boost the overall sound without suffering the troubles of a classic surround sound system.

Also, note that many high-grade soundbars offer outstanding stereo sound. They also contain some optional modes, from 3D to surround sound. The surround sound here is exactly where your audio gets digitally processed so that it can gain a virtual and surround sound effect.

In overall, a typical soundbar has these good and bad points:

  • Pros: Compact sized, easy to connect to a TV, often cost-friendly as compared to a home cinema system.

  • Cons: Not as decent as the multi-speaker home cinema system.

Surround Sound – Ideal for Blockbusters

Nearly every home cinema system often show up in the form of a DVD player together with an amplifier and multiple speakers. Such combination offers you a 5.1 surround sound, in which the ‘5’ mean the five major speakers – 2 speakers placed behind you to the right and left and 3 front speakers, going left, right and middle of your TV. How about the ‘1’? It refers to the number of subwoofers used at that time.

Though 5.1 surround sound is quite popular, this system can be as compact as a 2.1 version and extended to 9.2. Go to get your surround sound system with one amplifier unit or one receiver, but never buy any DVD player or Blu-ray. And as you’ve already had a player, it’s often cheaper to purchase the surround sound system.

Home cinemar system. TV, oudspeakers, player and receiver in the room. 3d

A surround sound system is the best option for your TV speakers

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Above all, make sure to check closely what’s included even when a few manufacturers would like to avail these terms interchangeably. Every of your Blu-ray movies is recorded in one multichannel audio type, like Dolby Digital for instance.

Also, it doesn’t matter if you’re actually a hardcore audiophile who craves for the best sound experience or a casual film watcher who loves to make your whole watching experience more immersive than ever, it’s just challenging to get the ideal soundtrack to show off the surround sound theater system.

Sure enough, you might like to listen to some huge explosions but to indeed earn the best out of that home theater system, let’s find a movie having a wide aural range. It also can take advantages of all directional effects produced by a surround speaker. If you want to enjoy the badass surround sound, watch Pixar, which is famous for not just creating children’s movies, but also cool sounding ones.

In overall, a typical surround sound system has these good and bad points:

  • Pros: The best choice for an authentic surround sound experience

  • Cons: Too many components mean more trailing wires and clutter, and more expensive, too.

Soundbar vs Surround Sound – The Comparison

Now with any audio stuff, there will be different levels of quality and performance based on your device. Owning the highest-quality soundbar means overpowering and outperforming the not-so-outstanding surround sound system. So, what standard of performance are you trying to seek here? Well, let’s find out through these factors:


The effectiveness of changing power into volume and the higher its sensitivity, the less power your speaker gets to produce the most effective sound. To understand it simply – just know another higher sensitivity rating, from loud, high-quality to clear sound.


Never forget about the amount of electrical resistance available to fight against the current from your outputs. It fluctuates because your speaker creates sounds at different frequencies.

Frequency Response

The average range of frequencies audible to humans often goes between 20 and 20,000 Hz while you still can find a few of the lowest frequencies under 35 Hz. And these would make you feel more than hear in one action movie (they’re mainly produced by the subwoofer). So, ensure to review the range to know what sort of listening experiences that your speaker creates.

Power Handling

Let’s consider how much power there is in watts, which can determine how a speaker is capable of handling before it’s damaged. Simply understood, the higher that power handling, the easier you can piss off your neighbors.


We hope that our guide today would help you find out the answers to some of your concerns on how to get the right speaker system, and especially give you the insight into soundbar vs surround sound. Always consider reviewing the performance standard of each one to make your smartest choice.

Like always, leave your questions below if you have anything to ask us. Thank you for reading!

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