Soundbar vs tower speakers – Is the second one worth enjoying?

According to those who are engaged in investing a stereo or even a big system of home theater, picking speakers which are suitable is the most challenging step. Although parts like subwoofers are also in need, the quality of sound just lies in the main speakers. In the soundbar vs tower speakers battle, the latter is still a potential option, not necessarily obsolete. Nevertheless, where can you find out their advantages? What are disadvantages? And how can such audio device meet your home space?

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Do you think that the tower speakers are out of date?


For years, there are always arguments regarding the tower speakers from opposite directions. Some people give them positive compliments while others tend not to have any appreciation at all.
In fact, that is a cinch that the low bass will not necessarily be made by tall enclosures of the speakers although the large ones can do such thing well. Among masses, it is possible for some tower audio devices to produce greater bass response than other speakers.


Bass response

Generally, on room sizes, the bass response may show considerable changes. Hence, for high-quality bass responses, subwoofers will go in pair with surround systems in most cases. With the purpose of listening to the bass in low response, tone along with speed, problems will lie in the way you pick, adjust only one or even more subwoofers. It is also the reason why a lot of people assert that the tower speakers cannot deliver the bass which is satisfying.


Main amplifier

As for the soundbar vs tower speakers, the main amplifier of the burden from the bass will be relieved by the former with good subwoofers. Thanks to this support, frequencies of the sound-field will be sure not under the collapsibility when the bass is at peak. The improvement compared with the towers, in general, will open your options for receivers and power ampere.


How is about the advantage of the tower speakers?

It is not that the tower speaker is entirely obsolete in a high-tech decade. In addition to drawbacks which listeners have found from such devices, they show a variety of benefits. To have an insight into this, let’s take the case of tower speakers in the space of home theater as an example.
With a desire of entertaining, it is worth of setting up a system of home theater since this can highlight your movie scenes and sound. But not everyone affords to invest a range of expensive devices, from the center speaker, subwoofer, bass speakers to satellite ones. In such cases, you may love switching into a simple setup. It is the reason why the tower speakers are born.




Despite not having a great width, the tower speaker owns the considerable height. If your room has a big floor space, such kind is an ideal one. Unlike ordinary surround audio kits which can be in a hidden position after books or many things, the towers represent for visible speakers. Hence, at first sight, it is easy for you to see its contemporary look. Moreover, sometimes, there is no need to make it stand alone. A bottle full of flowers on the top is a bad idea to delight your space with good music and perfect visual aspect

On the other hand, in cases that you do not want the towers to spoil the space, it is possible to place them in reasonable corners or even near bookshelves.


Sound depth

There are a broad variety of features contributing to the perfection of the tower speakers. One of them is its structure. The body includes more than one speakers combined in each tower. Normally, this kind of audio device goes in a pair. Therefore, the depth of sound will be double since there are small speakers in addition to the main one in the center. All of them surely add the richness for both sound and bass response when playing.
Generally, like other comparisons, the soundbar vs tower speakers one also gives nearly the same results. Basing on your demands as well as spaces, options will be different. For the tower speakers, you do not have to concern a lot about the high quality. Because of multiple speakers in one tower, the structure boosts the audio standard up to a higher level. However, note that it should be in use for a quite large room so that there is no worry about the interior problems.


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